Indoor Location Problems?


NFER® indoor location solutions protect workers, enhance training, lower cost, and improve your operations.

Q-Track offers industry-proven location solutions for a host of challenging indoor location problems. Q-Track’s indoor location solutions:

Which side of the wall? You need the accuracy of NFER indoor location systems to answer real-world location questions like this.

Q-Track also seeks commercialization partners, pilot customers, and integrators to bring the advantages of NFER® indoor location solutions to other applications, allowing you to:

Q-Track’s accurate NFER indoor location systems enable process metrics like this heat map showing where a worker spends their time.

Have another application in mind where the benefits of NFER® indoor location solutions might help you secure a competitive advantage? NFER® products can help you:

  • Manage Processes and Work Flow,
  • Ensure Worker Safety,
  • Enhance Training,
  • Improve Situational Awareness,
  • Provide Security and Access Control,
  • and Many Other Applications.

Learn more about NFER® location solutions or contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.