Q-Track Releases Video of Low-Cost, High Accuracy Indoor Location Solution with Data Analytics

Huntsville, AL May 3, 2018 — Today, Q-Track released a video of a new low-cost, high-accuracy indoor location solution with built-in data analytics. Q-Track’s Indoor Location Evaluation Kit can track two tags to about 40 cm accuracy or better throughout a 5000 square foot area for only $3495. Notably, the system comes with a built-in data analytic tool kit so real-time location system data can be put to use in a wide variety of applications. The data analysis tools […]

Q-Track Launches Improved Forklift Safety Product

Huntsville, AL July 11, 2017 — Q-Track Corporation now offers an improved forklift collision avoidance system.  SafeSpot™ reduces accidents in the workplace by providing a simple, low-cost wireless solution to alert workers when a forklift approaches around a blind corner. The SafeSpot™ Warning Light illuminates when a forklift comes within a user-defined warning radius of twenty to forty feet. The easily-installed system requires no maintenance and eliminates the need for workers to wear a tag […]