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Q-Track Releases Video of Low-Cost, High Accuracy Indoor Location Solution with Data Analytics

Huntsville, AL May 3, 2018 — Today, Q-Track released a video of a new low-cost, high-accuracy indoor location solution with built-in data analytics. Q-Track’s Indoor Location Evaluation Kit can track two tags to about 40 cm accuracy or better throughout a 5000 square foot area for only $3495. Notably, the system comes with a built-in data analytic tool kit so real-time location system data can be put to use in a wide variety of applications. The data analysis tools […]

Long Range, Low-Infrastructure Indoor Tracking

Huntsville, AL USA – Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Q-Track Corporation recently made available a video demonstrating the long range, low-infrastructure qualities of their indoor location systems. Exploiting the company’s proprietary Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER) indoor location technology, this low-frequency approach to indoor location works well in non-line-of-sight indoor environments, delivering average accuracy better than 40cm (16in). The video below shows how two receivers separated 130 feet apart are capable of accurate tracking in a 170ft […]

Do Radio Waves Bounce Off Each Other?

(Huntsville, Alabama) July 11, 2014 – The answer is “yes,” according to Q-Track Corporation CTO, Hans G. Schantz, who presents his results in a paper appearing in the July-August issue of the online journal FERMAT ( Schantz’s surprising result follows from an examination of how radio waves interact and exchange energy. His discovery could enable more precise indoor location systems. Superposition and Electromagnetic Energy Radio waves, like all electromagnetic waves, propagate at the speed of […]