QT-559 Remote-Reading Field Strength Meter

Q-Track now enables precise real-time measurement of magnetic field strength around transmit antennas, arrays, and other radio-frequency systems. The QT-559 Remote-Reading Field Strength Meter measures all magnetic field components simultaneous for unparalleled speed and accuracy in evaluating the behavior of AM-band antennas and other low-frequency transmission systems from Very Low Frequency (VLF) up to High-Frequency (HF)  (3 kHz – 30 MHz).

Q-Track’s patented minimum coupling antenna array yields precise measurements of all magnetic field components.

Q-Track’s RF fingerprinting software application enables detailed surface plots of signal strength throughout tower sites, allowing for detailed diagnostics of antenna performance. Built-in GPS allows signal strength and location to be correlated automatically, or for even greater precision, a user may place the QT-559 Field Strength Meter at known locations throughout the area and designate the true location through the application GUI. The software automatically interpolates between the measurement points to create a comprehensive signal strength map. The surface plot below shows a customer tower site with data points taken on a 30-foot-grid. Maps may be extended through a transmitter site, or the entire surrounding coverage area.

Surface plots of a customer’s AM tower site.

The QT-559 Field Strength Meter can also provide real-time readout of signal strength allowing quick assessment of the impact of changes in tuning or antenna configuration.

Multiple, networked QT-559 Field Strength Meters can collect real-time signal-strength data from multiple locations, or even provide a real-time range versus power curve to assess the near-to-far-field transition.

The QT-559 Field Strength Meter comes in a complete system including tripods, charger, batteries, wireless router, and laptop with software.


  1. Locate and diagnose tower site performance issues,
  2. Evaluate signal behavior at a transmit site or throughout the coverage area, and
  3. Monitor antenna performance in real-time, or log data to assess long-term trends.


  1. Real-time, 3-axis magnetic field strength measurement,
  2. RF surface mapping,
  3. Long term data capture and logging, and
  4. Real-time signal strength and range versus power readout.

Electrical Specifications:

  1. Frequency Range: custom range(s) within 3 kHz – 30 MHz by request
  2. Bandwidth: 350 Hz
  3. Dynamic Range: 85dB
  4. Power Sensitivity: ~-135 dBm (usually ambient noise limited)
  5. Field Sensitivity: custom range(s) from ~1 uV/m to 500 V/m by request
  6. Monitor Up to 84 frequency channels at 80 updates per second.
  7. Data Link: onboard WiFi (802.11n) standard. Ethernet and cell phone modem options available.
  8. Power: Battery, AC (120 V or 220V), and UPS/AC configurations available.

Mechanical Specifications:

  1. Dimensions: 8.5” x 10.5” x 7.3”
  2. Polycarbonate Enclosure Construction
  3. Ingress Protection: Meets IP-55 standard. Upgrade to IP 66 available with appropriate waterproof/dust-proof connectors
  4. Temperature Range: 0 C to 50 C
  5. Battery Option: Li-Ion Battery (8 hr lifetime) and Charger Available
  6. UPS Option: 8 hour lifetime or greater
  7. Portable or fixed installation options available

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