Q-Track Releases Video of Low-Cost, High Accuracy Indoor Location Solution with Data Analytics

Huntsville, AL May 3, 2018 — Today, Q-Track released a video of a new low-cost, high-accuracy indoor location solution with built-in data analytics. Q-Track’s Indoor Location Evaluation Kit can track two tags to about 40 cm accuracy or better throughout a 5000 square foot area for only $3495. Notably, the system comes with a built-in data analytic tool kit so real-time location system data can be put to use in a wide variety of applications. The data analysis tools help Q-Track’s NFER® Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Indoor Location technology solve more problems for more people than ever before: optimize workplaces, analyze operations, keep workers safe and secure, and more. “Q-Track’s data analysis tool kit calculates distance traveled, idle time, proximity time between tags, heat maps, time in zone, and a zone timeline,” explains Q-Track CTO, Dr. Hans G. Schantz.

Q-Track’s 30-40 cm accurate location enables a one-foot resolution heat map showing tag locations throughout an analysis period.

User-definable zones divide the tracking area up into specific rooms or areas for enhanced accountability.

The data analytics support a zone timeline.

The analytics also include zone-level heat maps.

A variety of additional analytic tools are also available.

“These built-in data analytics offer incredible top-level actionable data for managers to understand how their businesses operate and how to optimize their processes,” says Q-Track CEO Steve Werner. These data analytics tools are now included in the Q-Track’s Indoor Location Evaluation Kits. These NFER RTLS evaluation kits are available on Amazon, or directly from Q-Track.

About Q-Track:

Q-Track Corporation (www.Q-Track.com) offers solutions that provide “Knowing Where, Anywhere” for a growing range of industrial real-time location applications. The company’s patented Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER®) systems employ a unique low-frequency, long-wavelength radio signal to achieve highly accurate (40 cm rms) indoor location results even in complicated non-line-of-sight environments. NFER® Real Time Location Systems enable “Dosimulation™,” a radiation worker training system deployed in a third of U.S. nuclear plants. Q-Track also offers proximity detection and collision avoidance systems that protect people from cranes, robotic material handling equipment, and forklifts at a variety of manufacturing plants nationwide, as well as location systems that enhance military training by precisely locating soldiers in training ranges extending through multiple buildings and across tens of thousands of square meters (hundreds of thousands of square feet).

Q-Track is a privately-held company located in Huntsville, AL. The company’s research and development was supported by private investors and funding from the Department of Homeland Security, the National Science Foundation, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the National Institutes for Health.

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