QTTM-500 System Specifications

  • Typical Accuracy: 30cm-1m (1-3ft)
  • Typical Range: 20-50m (60-150ft)
  • Typical Infrastructure Cost: <$0.50/sqft for most installations.
  • 115 kb/s data exchange between Tag and Server for telemetry feedback.
  • Flexible software architecture for writing customized applications or plug-ins.
  • Rugged tag for industrial environments
    • UL-94V0 ABS Case
    • Chemically resistant Nitrile sleeve

QTTM-500 Tag Transmitter

Provides industrial strength location data in the most challenging propagation environments, indoors or outdoors. An LCD display provides real-time sensor data. An on board data network allows data to be exchanged between the Tag and Location Server at up to 115kb/s.

QTTM-500 Locator Receiver

Precisely evaluates two magnetic and one electric field component to determine range and bearing to QTTM-500 Tag Transmitters with an accuracy of 30cm-1m (1-3ft) at ranges up to 20-50m (60-150ft). The QTTM-500 Locator-Receiver requires no synchronization. Just provide power and location data streams back over the built-in wireless and Ethernet connections, the Q-Track Location Server can communicate to databases or real-time applications.

Q-Track Software Suite

The Q-Track Software Suite provides full featured real-time location analysis as well as streaming location data over an Ethernet connection. Q-Track’s Software Suite Architecture delivers location information to custom applications, databases, even over the internet to remote applications like PDAs and Smart Phones. Continue…

QTTM-500 Starter Kit Powered by NFER® Technology

The QTTM-500 Starter Kit comes with everything needed to deploy a small-scale Real-Time Locating System in your facility immediately. The Starter Kit Package contains:

3    QTTM-500 Locator-Receivers
3    QTTM-500 Locator-Receiver Antennas
2    QTTM-500 Tag Transmitters

  • Q-track Software Suite License
  • Ancillary Equipment (tripods, tag recharger’s, Wi-Fi router, etc)
  • Training and Product Manual
  • Full Day Training Session in Huntsville, AL







 Position Server



QT-500TM Tag
QT-550TM Locator