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Q-Track offers five NFER® Tag Transmitters for applications ranging from indoor office use to the most demanding industrial deployments. All our NFER® Tag Transmitters are drop tested and thermally qualified. Industrial application tags are further qualified to be dust and waterproof, and even more shock and vibration tolerant. All tags emit a Part 15 compliant tracking signal that enables 30-40cm (12-16in) location accuracy most of the time in a typical deployment.

In addition, Q-Track offers the Q-XL Interactive Location Device. This touchscreen enabled “tag” includes a ZigBee data link to power location-based services and enable interactive location applications. Our nuclear training (Dosimulation™) customers use the Q-XL tag to emulate radiation survey meters. The touchscreen enables a custom user interface that provides real-time simulated radiation measurements depending upon the location of the device in the training environment. Any of Q-Track’s NFER® Tag Transmitters may be deployed and tracked by any of our NFER® Locator-Receivers.

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