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  • Enables real-time, realistic training
  • Location triggered events
  • Integrated with urban operation training system
  • Provides tactical after action reports
  • Offers high spatial accuracy
  • Ensures seamless indoor/outdoor tracking
  • Low cost infrastructure


Improving situational awareness for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) is a key goal for military training today. Q-Track’s MOUT system provides Time, Space, and Positioning Information (TSPI) in support of tactical training for soldiers indoors, outdoors, and underground with 1m (3ft) real-time accuracy. Tactical after scenario feedback allows leaders to replay the action while soldiers benefit from an immediate after action review. Location triggered events provide additional simulated casualties. Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical scenarios can be simulated. The tracking umbrella allows the soldier to move freely inside and outside of buildings uninterrupted training. Q-Track provides a long range, high accuracy, and low cost MOUT solution that allows solidiers to train as they fight. Equipment is qualified according to MIL-STD810G.

Our system excels in complicated non-line-of-sight environments like a typical Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT) training center. A few Locator-Receivers can cover an entire floor of a typical training building, while delivering 40cm rms accuracy on up to 500 Tracking Tags. That industry-leading performance is why Q-Track was selected to provide the location solution for a recent deployment of Lockheed-Martin’s Urban Operations Training System. Here’s a video showing the performance of the system in action:

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