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The Q-Dose™, Q-MK2™ and Q-Rad™ Dosimulators™ react and respond to virtual radiation. Dose and rate change when trainees move near the simulated sources that you create.

Emulating the Mirion DMC-2000 Personal Dosimeter, the RadEye™ G and EPD™ Mk2™, respectively, the Q-Dose™, Q-MK2™ and Q-Rad™ provide trainees with realistic dose, rate, and alarms in response to their location within the virtual radiation environment. After an exercise, you can replay location, dose, and rate data so trainees can review their performance and correct their behavior in a post-exercise critique. Q-Track provides the most realistic radiation worker training available: minimizing radiation worker exposure, enhancing worker safety, and reducing utility costs.

The Q-Dose™ Dosimulator™ form, fit, and function mirrors the Mirion DMC 2000. It has user defined dose and rate alarms for nuclear training.

The Q-MK2™ Dosimeter emulates the Thermo Scientific™ EPD™ Mk2.. It has user defined dose and rate alarms for nuclear training.

The Q-Rad™ Dosimulator™ emulates the RadEye™ G, simulating a survey meter and personal dosimeter in one unit. It is used for training military, homeland security, defense, customs, first responder, and nuclear personnel.

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