QT-654 Cradle Charger

QT-654 Cradle Charger The new QT-654 Cradle Charger allows for multiple tags to be charged simultaneously while minimizing wall outlet crowding. FEATURES: 4 charge bays Adapted for QT-600 and Q-DOSE Rubber feet for desktop protection Plugs into wall outlet with provided power supply Charge indicator light located on both QT-600 and Q-DOSE  


Simulated Survey Meter See Also: Dosimulation™     The Q-XL Simulated Survey Meter senses and responds to virtual radiation that you control. Trainees see realistic simulated-dose readings displayed on the Q-Dose™XL Simulated Survey Meter based on their location within the virtual radiation environment. After an exercise, you can replay location, dose, and rate data so trainees can review their performance, learn in a safe environment, and correct behavior in post-job critiques. Q-Track’s Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging […]


Simulated Dosimeter See Also: Dosimulation™ The QDose™ Simulated Dosimeter senses and responds to virtual radiation that you control. Q-Track’s Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER®) Real-Time Location System (RTLS) tracks trainees’ locations in real time – just like GPS, only much more accurate.  Dose and rate change when trainees move near simulated sources that you create. Trainees receive realistic dose, rate, and alarms from their Q-Dose™ Simulated Dosimeters in response to their location within the virtual radiation […]

QT™-550 Locator-Receiver

The QT™-550 Locator-Receiver precisely evaluates two magnetic and one electric field component to determine range and bearing to QT™-550 Tag Transmitters with an accuracy of 30cm-1m (1-3ft) at ranges up to 20-50m (60-150ft).The QT™-550 Locator-Receiver requires no synchronization. Just provide power, and location data streams back over the built-in wireless or Ethernet connection, the Q-Track Location Server can communicate location information to databases or real-time applications.  QT™–550 Receiver Specifications RF Performance Frequency Range: 510 kHz to […]

Position Server

The Position Server consists of three software components: The Tracking Server determines the location of each Q-Track transmitter tag, and exposes web-services that allow client software to configure settings and Q-Track hardware.  It provides other software modules with a list of Q-Track hardware installed at a site as well as information about the site. The Publish/Subscribe Service Module allows the tracking server to publish real-time updates about the current location of transmitter tags and system […]

QT™-500 Tag

 The QT™-500 Tag Transmitter provides industrial strength location data in the most challenging propagation environments, indoors or outdoors. An LCD display provides real-time sensor data and an on board data network allows data to be exchanged between the tag and location server at up to 115kb/s             QT™-500 Tag Specifications Mechanical Dimensions: 4.5” x 3.1” x 1.57” (max) (115mm x 78mm x 40mm) Material:    UL 94V0 ABS Housing, Nitrile Sleeve Weight: 11.6oz with Batteries6oz without […]

QT™-600 Tag

The QT™-600 Tag Transmitter provides industrial strength location data in the most challenging propagation environments, indoors or outdoors. Over 60% lighter and smaller than the QT™-500 Tag. The QT™-600 Tag offers an improved core functionality while also reducing cost, size, and weight, by eliminating accessory options and introducing Q-Track’s latest antenna technology.   QT™-600 Tag Specifications Mechanical Dimensions: 3.6” x 2.36” x 0.92” (max) (91.5mm x 60mm x 23.4mm) Dimensions with lanyard option: 3.85” (max) […]

Q-Track Software Suite

Application Accurate location data is only half the solution. The other half is putting the data to work in custom applications. That’s why Q-Track’s Sample Application provides full featured real-time location analysis as well as streaming location data over an Ethernet connection. Q-Track® GUI:       Architecture Q-Track’s Software Architecture delivers location information to custom applications, databases, even over the internet to remote applications like PDAs and Smart Phones. The Position Server hosts the […]