NFER® Technology

NFER® Technology

[cycloneslider id=”nfer-technology”]  “The Q-Track team has turned conventional RF wisdom on its head with their counter-intuitive yet remarkably successful approach to wireless tracking. They’ve moved in the exact opposite direction of the wideband, high frequency thinking and achieved stunning results.” Q-Track Advisor Dr. Kai Siwiak Author, UWB Radio Technology(Wiley, 2004) Founder and CEO, TimeDerivative, Inc. Dan Noble Fellow, Motorola Corp. Over 70 Patents in Wireless Knowing Where, Any Where with NFER® RTLS Technology Why NFER® RTLS […]

How Does NFER® Technology Work?

Near field electromagnetic ranging (NFER®) technology involves a generally overlooked, and often times deemed irritating aspect of radio frequency, or “RF,” behavior.  The majority of conventional radios operate in the ‘far field’, a designation that, combined with the ‘near field,’ makes up the boundary regions of electromagnetic radiation emitted from an antenna.  NFER® technology exploits peculiar behavior exhibited in the near field.  These peculiarities manifest within about half a wavelength of the antenna, or in […]

Application Literature

Q-Track Corporation   Simulated Dosimetry for Realistic Radiation Training  Simulated Dosimetry for realistic radiation training: Workers who understand how to use and interpret their personal radiation dosimeters can avoid health hazards and minimize costs for their employers. However, accurately simulating hazardous environments is a challenge… Q-Dose™ Simulated Dosimeter for Realistic Radiation Training  The Q-Dose™ Simulated Dosimeter senses and responds to virtual radiation that you control. When utilized with Q-Tracks Dosimulation™ System, Dose and rate change […]

Technical Papers

  Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging Real-Time Location Systems Schantz, Hans G.International Microwave Symposium, 2011 IEEE5-10 June, 2011 This workshop presentation explains basics of near-field physics and near-field RF links. Then, this presentation explains the implementation and performance of Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER®) Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Finally, this presentation reviews NFER® RTLS products and discusses additional applications that are under development.   Electrically Small Antenna Design For Low Frequency Systems Richards, Eric A.; Schantz, Hans Gregory; […]

Technical Papers

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Introduction to NFER® RTLS

Location awareness presents significant challenges. Lack of location data impacts the lives and safety of workers, as well as the bottom line. In many industrial, urban, or other settings, location awareness is uneconomical if it is available at all. Incumbent location providers take high frequency, short wavelength wireless systems, like Wi-Fi or UWB, that were optimized for high data rate communications, and they try to use them to solve the challenging problem of indoor wireless […]

Location Innovation

How Does NFER® Work? A simple overview of how NFER® technology works and can be used to  provide location solutions in challenging environments where other technologies fail. Continue… NFER® Technology NFER® technology is a radically new form of wireless tracking that brings real-time locating systems (RTLS) to difficult indoor environments. Operating at low power levels (FCC Part 15) in the AM broadcast band, NFER® technology offers significant advantages. Further, by exploiting near-field properties of electric […]

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QTTM-500 System Specifications Typical Accuracy: 30cm-1m (1-3ft) Typical Range: 30-60m (100-200ft) Typical Infrastructure Cost: < $0.50/sqft for most installations. 115 kb/s data exchange between Tag and Server for telemetry feedback. Flexible software architecture for writing customized applications or plug-ins. Rugged tag for industrial environments UL-94V0 ABS Case Chemically resistant Nitrile sleeve QTTM-500 Tag Transmitter Provides industrial strength location data in the most challenging propagation environments, indoors or outdoors. An LCD display provides real-time sensor data. […]