ElderAlert™ Benefit ElderAlert™ is a comprehensive wireless location solution for Long Term Care Facilities, providing safety and peace of mind while supporting independence. Leveraging a patented NFER® wireless technology, ElderAlert™ delivers a cost-effective monitoring and paging platform for residents, nurses, and administrators alike. Alternative wireless retailers cannot match ElderAlert™ in cost, precision, reliability, range, or ease of use. ElderAlert™ comes in a single integrated package, eliminating the need of multiple fall alert, paging, communication, and […]

Collision Avoidance

Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance For safe Work Environments The Q-Track Proximity Detection System (PDS)  enhances worker safety in environments that can be potentially hazardous. The QT™-500 Tag provides workers and/or equipment with a protective RF shield. How It Works Q-Track locator’s are placed on your equipment, and tags outfitted on your personnel.  These accessories,  using NFER technology,  provide both real-time proximity detection and automated response. When a tag is within 10ft of the proximity-detector […]

Worker Safety

  Mine SafetyIn the event of trouble, knowing the precise location of the miners at risk can greatly assist rescuers. The more quickly the rescue team can reach miners at risk, the more likely the rescue operation will be successful. Currently, there is no technology capable of determining the precise location of underground miners. Continue… Location Aware Radiation MonitoringQ-Track worked with ORNL personnel to integrate a teledosimeter with Q-Track’s NFER® location system. A teledosimeter enables […]

Nuclear Training

Simulated Dosimetry for Realistic Radiation Worker Training Workers who understand how to use and interpret their personal radiation dosimeters can avoid health hazards and minimize costs for their employers. However, accurately simulating hazardous environments is a challenge. Q-Track answers that challenge with our Radiation Worker Training System. Using our patented technology, the system automatically and instantaneously correlates a worker’s actual location with a trainer-controlled simulated radiation environment. Our training dosimeter then displays the instantaneous and […]

Mine Safety

Introduction and Background  Recent tragedies at the Sago Mine, the Aracoma Alma Mine, and the Darby Mine have brought renewed attention to an old problem: situational awareness in mine emergencies. Improved communication is a partial, but not a complete, solution to the problem. Mine emergencies often involve dense smoke and dust that impair visibility and disorient even those familiar with the mine layout. Additionally, miners overcome by carbon monoxide cannot communicate useful information to potential rescuers. […]

Industrial Applications

Knowing Where – Any Where To solve real-world location problems, you need to know exactly where your assets and personnel are at all times. Q-Track’s patented and award-winning NFER® tracking technology can provide your application with real time location information that is both precise (1-3ft accurate), and economical (usually <$0.50/sqft infrastructure). Don’t rely on zone-based locating or choke-point monitoring when you need precision location in real time for your fast-paced environment. Don’t pay thousands of […]

Location Markets

Partnership OpportunitiesQ-Track’s business model is to enable integrators by providing tags, locators, core tracking software and continuing support. We seek integrators to provide the application software, distribution channels, and end-user support to bring NFER® technology to customers. Continue… Nuclear TrainingWorkers who understand how to use and interpret their personal radiation dosimeters can avoid health hazards and minimize costs for their employers. However, accurately simulating hazardous environments is a challenge.Q-Track answers that challenge with our Radiation […]

QT-500 Tag Transmitter

Provides industrial strength location data in the most challenging indoor environments. An LCD display provides real-time sensor data. An onboard data network allows data to be exchanged between the tag and location server at up to 250kb/s. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute […]