About Q-Track

Additional Capabilities

ANTENNA DEVELOPMENT Q-Track has deep institutional experience in advanced antenna design. Our expertise includes ultra-wide band (UWB), radar antenna simulation, electrically small antenna design, low coupling magnetic antennas, low frequency elements, and array modeling. Our antenna capabilities include: Prototyping and pattern testing. ESA and UWB Design. Genetic Algorithm Optimization. Array Modeling. Over-the-Horizon Radar Antennas. Driven Curtain Array Passive Reflector Curtain Ground Radials High efficiency horn antenna designed by Q-Track for Army application (left). Model design […]

Partnership Opportunities

Q-Track believes in enabling all its QT-integrators by providing Tags, Locators, core-tracking software, and their guaranteed continual support. We seek integrators to provide the application software, distribution channels, and end-user support to bring NFER® technology to customers. Q-Track welcomes serious inquiries from potential teaming partners interested in applying NFER® technology in particular markets. Q-Track’s existing partners include both domestic and foreign companies interested in such applications as tracking people in harm’s way, tracking assets in […]