Q-Track Releases Tool to Keep Nuclear Plants Safer

For Release 9 a.m. MST

January 6, 2014

Q-Track Releases Tool to Keep Nuclear Plants Safer

Dosimulation 2.0 Reduces Dose Rates and Saves Money

 (Huntsville, AL) January 6, 2014 — Q-Track Corporation, Inc. (Q-Track) today released DosimulationTM 2.0 which builds upon its successful DosimulationTM product line used in many nuclear power plants world-wide. Nuclear Workers QMK2  DosimulationTM improves radiation safety training by providing faster, higher fidelity, and direct feedback to health physicists, medical personnel, nuclear workers, and first responders. Realistic training for personnel who work in these environments is not only a safety concern but also saves money. DosimulationTM 2.0 emulates the Thermo Scientific EPD Mk2 Electronic Personal Dosimeter, the MirionTM DMC-2000 Personal Dosimeter, RadEye G Personal Dose Rate Meter, and survey meters (Fluke 451B and Bicron RSO-50). Additionally, DosimulationTM 2.0 incorporates dynamic shielding for an unprecedented level of realism and fidelity in modeling virtual radiation environments.

Q-Track’s NFER® Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) employ low-frequency, long-wavelength signals to achieve accurate location information in challenging environments as often encountered by nuclear workers. The technology is used in nearly one third of U.S. nuclear power plants, the military, and manufacturing centers.

About Q-Track

At Q-Track, our corporation mission is to deliver practical, indoor location solutions that provide value to our customers. The company invented Near Field Electromagnetic Ranging technology, and is the sole provider of this unique approach to indoor location. Our products are unparalleled in providing high accuracy at a fraction of competitor costs in the most complex environments. Our commitment is to provide end-to-end solutions that reduce cost and enhance performance with measureable return on investment. Many of Q-Track’s customers are Fortune 500 companies that specialize in manufacturing, logistics, energy production, and defense.

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