Elder Alert™

ElderAlert™ is a comprehensive wireless location solution for Long Term Care Facilities, providing safety and peace of mind while supporting independence. Leveraging a patented NFER® wireless technology, ElderAlert™ delivers a cost-effective monitoring and paging platform for residents, nurses, and administrators alike. Alternative wireless retailers cannot match ElderAlert™ in cost, precision, reliability, range, or ease of use.

ElderAlert™ comes in a single integrated package, eliminating the need of multiple fall alert, paging, communication, and tracking devices. Fall alerts can dispatch immediate help to the precise location of the resident automatically without false alarms. Residents can summon assistance remotely giving them more mobility as they move through their Long Term Care facility. For the resident and family, continuous location awareness means peace of mind. For the nurse, residents can be located effortlessly throughout the facility reducing response time. Documentation of medication rounds, events, and resident-nurse interactions lessens the burden on nurses, frees time for resident care and reduces frustration. Staffing ratios can be monitored and maintained by administrators to ensure compliance while optimizing care. Asset tracking can be incorporated to reduce inventory costs. ElderAlert™ has been designed by healthcare professionals with cost, safety, and functionality in mind for the Long Term Care facility.

ElderAlert™ Features

  • Alert Button for Residents
  • Automated Fall Detection
  • Remote Nurse Paging
  • Wander Alert for Dementia Residents
  • Staff Accountability
  • Asset Management
  • Electronic Reporting – EMR