Additional Capabilities


Q-Track has deep institutional experience in advanced antenna design. Our expertise includes ultra-wide band (UWB), radar antenna simulation, electrically small antenna design, low coupling magnetic antennas, low frequency elements, and array modeling.

Our antenna capabilities include:

Prototyping and pattern testing.

ESA and UWB Design.

Genetic Algorithm Optimization.

Array Modeling.

Over-the-Horizon Radar Antennas.

Driven Curtain Array

Passive Reflector Curtain

Ground Radials

High efficiency horn antenna designed by Q-Track for Army application (left). Model design of a next generation OTHR antenna array (right).
Q-Track has been tasked with a variety of highly challenging problems over the years that call for out of the box thinking. We pride ourselves in developing innovative, effective approaches to the most vexing problems. We look forward to solving your RF problem.
Circuit Design and Simulation.
RF Prototyping and Testing.
Radio System Design.