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Worker Safety

  Mine SafetyIn the event of trouble, knowing the precise location of the miners at risk can greatly assist rescuers. The more quickly the rescue team can reach miners at risk, the more likely the rescue operation will be successful. Currently, there is no technology capable of determining the precise location of underground miners. Continue… Location Aware Radiation MonitoringQ-Track worked with ORNL personnel to integrate a teledosimeter with Q-Track’s NFER® location system. A teledosimeter enables […]

Nuclear Training

Simulated Dosimetry for Realistic Radiation Worker Training Workers who understand how to use and interpret their personal radiation dosimeters can avoid health hazards and minimize costs for their employers. However, accurately simulating hazardous environments is a challenge. Q-Track answers that challenge with our Radiation Worker Training System. Using our patented technology, the system automatically and instantaneously correlates a worker’s actual location with a trainer-controlled simulated radiation environment. Our training dosimeter then displays the instantaneous and […]

Mine Safety

Introduction and Background  Recent tragedies at the Sago Mine, the Aracoma Alma Mine, and the Darby Mine have brought renewed attention to an old problem: situational awareness in mine emergencies. Improved communication is a partial, but not a complete, solution to the problem. Mine emergencies often involve dense smoke and dust that impair visibility and disorient even those familiar with the mine layout. Additionally, miners overcome by carbon monoxide cannot communicate useful information to potential rescuers. […]

Technical Papers

  Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging Real-Time Location Systems Schantz, Hans G.International Microwave Symposium, 2011 IEEE5-10 June, 2011 This workshop presentation explains basics of near-field physics and near-field RF links. Then, this presentation explains the implementation and performance of Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER®) Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Finally, this presentation reviews NFER® RTLS products and discusses additional applications that are under development.   Electrically Small Antenna Design For Low Frequency Systems Richards, Eric A.; Schantz, Hans Gregory; […]

Nuclear Plant Operator Uses RFID to Promote Safety

  Waynesboro, Georgia May 18, 2009 –Southern Co. employs a unique type of active tag to track employees’ locations at its training center, as well as teach them how to avoid excessive radiation exposure. By Claire Swedberg Southern Co. has completed a pilot testing an RFID-based system to train employees in how to limit their exposure to radiation. The RFID system, provided by Q-Track, feeds a worker’s location data to software that then calculates the […]

QT™-550 Locator-Receiver

The QT™-550 Locator-Receiver precisely evaluates two magnetic and one electric field component to determine range and bearing to QT™-550 Tag Transmitters with an accuracy of 30cm-1m (1-3ft) at ranges up to 20-50m (60-150ft).The QT™-550 Locator-Receiver requires no synchronization. Just provide power, and location data streams back over the built-in wireless or Ethernet connection, the Q-Track Location Server can communicate location information to databases or real-time applications.  QT™–550 Receiver Specifications RF Performance Frequency Range: 510 kHz to […]

Q-Track Launches Breakthrough Real Time Location System

PRLog.Org – Global Press Release Distribution Orlando, Florida May 13, 2009 – Q-Track Corporation debuted the world’s first Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER®) Real-Time Location System (RTLS) at the RFID Journal Live! conference last week. Q-Track’s NFER® RTLS can track people or assets in a facility with a typical accuracy of better than three feet at a range of 60-150 feet. NFER® RTLS has the potential to bring precision location to complicated industrial settings where location […]

Military Operations

Location Awareness for MOUT Training Huntsville, Alabama, June 4, 2008 Today, Q-Track demonstrated a system for tracking trainees in a Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) Training Range. The training range comprised several steel cargo containers modified with doors and windows. Q-Track’s NFER® real-time location system (RTLS) relied on four Locator-Receivers deployed around the perimeter of the training range. The system successfully tracked a couple of tagged individuals throughout the 25 x 25m (75 x […]