Collision Avoidance

Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance
For safe Work Environments

The Q-Track Proximity Detection System (PDS)  enhances worker safety in environments that can be potentially hazardous. The QT™-500 Tag provides workers and/or equipment with a protective RF shield.

How It Works

Q-Track locator’s are placed on your equipment, and tags outfitted on your personnel.  These accessories,  using NFER technology,  provide both real-time proximity detection and automated response.

When a tag is within 10ft of the proximity-detector the system initiates a response and ceases the movement of your device.  Designed to detect multiple tags simultaneously, The Q-Track system keeps  the environment safe despite the volume of workers present.
Proximity Detection Flow ChartWhen there are no tags in the stop-proximity zone the light on the Proximity Detector turns off.  This indicates the workers are out of range and the system releases the device.  Your equipment is released and is free to continue safe operation.

Shown to the right, Q-Track’s Proximity Detector Device installed in a live operating automated crane in a warehouse. Prior to the installation of our system the laser detectors on the crane failed to stop the automated cranes in this facility, due to LOS (line of sight) issues, and allowed for three people to be hit. The crane works around people all day and since the addition of our system has operated 100% accident free. 







Proximity Detection Device on Automatic Crane

Q-Track’s Proximity Detector on an Automated Crane
The crane has operated accident free since!

Proximity Detection Coverage Graphic