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Columbia Basin Community College Debuts Q-Track Dosimulation System

The Nuclear Program at Columbia Basin College debuted their Q-Track Dosimulation™ radiation training system earlier this month. “The simulator is incredible to our program,” said Dawn Alford, the Director of the Nuclear Program. “We’ve been wanting this for the last 5 years and through the generous donation of Washington River Protection Solutions, it’s going to provide the top notch training for our students.” For more information, see: http://www.nbcrightnow.com/story/31382614/columbia-basin-community-college-unveils-state-of-the-art-radiation-simulator-for-nuclear-technology-program Columbia Basin Community College joins Aiken Technical […]

Q-Track Announces Patent Wins

Huntsville, AL USA – Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Q-Track Corporation today announced the award of U.S. Patent 9,209,525 for a “directive, electrically-small ultrawideband (UWB) antenna system and method,” and U.S. Patent 9,285,453 for a “method of near-field electromagnetic ranging and location.” These inventions further enhance the performance of Q-Track’s NFER® Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). NFER® RTLS enables 40 cm accurate location of  assets, workers, soldiers, actors, athletes, and other users. The company’s near-field indoor […]

Q-Track CTO Speaks to Central Indiana IEEE Today

Q-Track CTO, Dr. Hans G. Schantz will presenting a Lunch-N-Learn seminar to the Central Indiana Section of the IEEE this Monday, September 21, at 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. His talk is hosted by Frost Brown Todd LLC in downtown Indianapolis.  Register here. Dr. Schantz’s talk, Energy Flow in Reactive Fields, proposes a novel definition of near or reactive fields by reference to the electromagnetic Lagrangian and reviews basic concepts including energy velocity, energy flow, […]

Q-Track CTO Presents Seminar on Energy Flow in Reactive Fields to Huntsville IEEE

Q-Track CTO, Dr. Hans G. Schantz will presenting a Lunch-N-Learn seminar to the Joint Communications, Antennas & Propagation, and Microwave Theory and Techniques (JCAM) Chapter of the Huntsville Section of the IEEE this Wednesday, August 19, at 11:15 am to 12:45 pm. Lunch (Chicken Tenders) will be served, courtesy of his hosts at Technology Services Corporation (TSC) in Huntsville. Register here. Dr. Schantz’s talk proposes a novel definition of near or reactive fields by reference […]

New SafeSpot™ Collision Avoidance Video Released

Q-Track Releases a New Video for it’s Collision Avoidance System-SafeSpot™  (Huntsville, AL) June 29, 2015 — Q-Track Corporation releases a new video showing its innovative collision avoidance system-SafeSpot™.  The system was designed to reduce forklift accidents in the workplace. SafeSpot™ is the first system that: Distinguished between people and forklifts Reduces false positives Eliminates the need for workers to wear tags Click Here to view the video:[wpdevart_youtube]d0_Pw7gZokE[/wpdevart_youtube] About Q-Track: Q-Track Corporation (www.Q-Track.com) offers solutions that provide “Knowing Where, […]

Q-Track CTO, Dr. Hans Schantz, to Present Tutorial on “Near-Field Wireless Technology” at RFID Journal-LIVE

Q-Track CTO, Dr. Hans Schantz, to Present Tutorial on “Near-Field Wireless Technology” at RFID Journal-LIVE (San Diego, CA) April 14, 2015 — Q-Track CTO Dr. Hans Schantz will present a tutorial at 8:30am Wednesday, April 15 on “Near-Field Wireless Technology” at the co-located 2015 IEEE International Conference on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) (http://2015.ieee-rfid.org). This technical conference, sponsored by IEEE – the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology – highlights leading-edge advances in RFID technology. […]

Q-Track Unveils High-Capacity, Quick Update Indoor Location System

Q-Track Unveils High Capacity, Quick Update Indoor Location System  (San Diego, CA) April 15, 2015 — Q-Track Corporation will unveil a high-capacity, quick-update indoor location system tonight at RFID Journal-LIVE in San Diego, CA. The QT-662 Locator-Receiver tracks up to 500 tagged people or assets at an update rate of about 1Hz. Q-Track’s breakthrough system delivers the same 40cm rms accurate indoor location of Q-Track’s previous Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER®) products. Q-Track will highlight the performance […]

Q-Track CTO Discusses Near-Field Wireless Technology

Q-Track CTO Dr. Hans G. Schantz will speak to Southern California audiences on near-field wireless technology in a variety of seminars and tutorials this week Monday April 13, 10-11am seminar at UCLA Tuesday April 14, 6-8:30pm Joint Meeting sponsored by the San Diego Section of the IEEE Wednesday April 15, 8:30am-noon Tutorial at IEEE RFID 2015 in San Diego Friday April 17, 3:00-4:30pm seminar at USC Dr. Schantz will discuss the origins of near-field wireless, […]

Q-Track Engineering VP Authors QST Article

How does Q-Track’s talented wireless design team relax and unwind from creating industry-leading indoor location systems? By sharing that expertise with amateur radio operators everywhere! The February 2015 issue of QST Magazine features an article by Q-Track VP of Engineering, Bob DePierre (K8KI), “Measure Your Receiver’s Digital Noise Reduction.” The article explains how to evaluate digital noise reduction techniques using an easy measurement technique accessible to most amateur radio operators. DePierre designs and implements Q-Track’s […]

Q-Track Launches Unique Forklift Safety Technology

For Release 5 p.m. CST January 14, 2015   Q-Track Launches Unique Forklift Safety Technology SafeSpot™ is a new wireless collision avoidance system. (Huntsville, AL) January 14, 2015 — Q-Track Corporation (Q-Track) today launched an innovative forklift collision avoidance system, SafeSpot™. In the U.S., forklift accidents cost an estimated $3.7 billion per year and cause 20,000 serious injuries including 100 deaths. SafeSpotTM increases safety while ensuring OSHA compliance. SafeSpotTM addresses safety requirements for warehouses, manufacturing, and […]