Hans Schantz

Q-Track CTO Discusses Near-Field Wireless Technology

Q-Track CTO Dr. Hans G. Schantz will speak to Southern California audiences on near-field wireless technology in a variety of seminars and tutorials this week Monday April 13, 10-11am seminar at UCLA Tuesday April 14, 6-8:30pm Joint Meeting sponsored by the San Diego Section of the IEEE Wednesday April 15, 8:30am-noon Tutorial at IEEE RFID 2015 in San Diego Friday April 17, 3:00-4:30pm seminar at USC Dr. Schantz will discuss the origins of near-field wireless, […]

Q-Track Engineering VP Authors QST Article

How does Q-Track’s talented wireless design team relax and unwind from creating industry-leading indoor location systems? By sharing that expertise with amateur radio operators everywhere! The February 2015 issue of QST Magazine features an article by Q-Track VP of Engineering, Bob DePierre (K8KI), “Measure Your Receiver’s Digital Noise Reduction.” The article explains how to evaluate digital noise reduction techniques using an easy measurement technique accessible to most amateur radio operators. DePierre designs and implements Q-Track’s […]

Q-Track Launches Unique Forklift Safety Technology

For Release 5 p.m. CST January 14, 2015   Q-Track Launches Unique Forklift Safety Technology SafeSpot™ is a new wireless collision avoidance system. (Huntsville, AL) January 14, 2015 — Q-Track Corporation (Q-Track) today launched an innovative forklift collision avoidance system, SafeSpot™. In the U.S., forklift accidents cost an estimated $3.7 billion per year and cause 20,000 serious injuries including 100 deaths. SafeSpotTM increases safety while ensuring OSHA compliance. SafeSpotTM addresses safety requirements for warehouses, manufacturing, and […]

Q-Track Releases Tool to Keep Nuclear Plants Safer

For Release 9 a.m. MST January 6, 2014 Q-Track Releases Tool to Keep Nuclear Plants Safer Dosimulation 2.0 Reduces Dose Rates and Saves Money  (Huntsville, AL) January 6, 2014 — Q-Track Corporation, Inc. (Q-Track) today released DosimulationTM 2.0 which builds upon its successful DosimulationTM product line used in many nuclear power plants world-wide.   DosimulationTM improves radiation safety training by providing faster, higher fidelity, and direct feedback to health physicists, medical personnel, nuclear workers, and […]

Q-Track Launches Unique Technology for Emergency Responders

For Release 9 a.m. MST January 6, 2015 Q-Track Launches Unique Technology for Emergency Responders Q-Rad is training the Nation’s First Responders for Nuclear Events   (Huntsville, AL) January 6, 2015 — Q-Track Corporation, Inc. (Q-Track) today launched the “Realistic, Accurate Dosimulation” – Q-Rad tool to provide unprecedented realism and fidelity in emergency responder radiation training. Q-Rad employs a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) to track simulated radiation sources and simulated radiation dosimeters. The resulting “Dosimulation” […]

Q-Track Invention Enables Compact Low-Frequency Tag Transmitters

16 inch accuracy from a 2 Ounce Tag Huntsville, AL USA – Tuesday, December 30, 2014 Q-Track Corporation today announced the award of U.S. Patent 8,922,440 for a “space efficient magnetic antenna method.” Q-Track’s invention enables compact tag transmitters as lightweight as 1.8oz (51g) that deliver 16 inch (40cm) rms accurate indoor location. Q-Track’s NFER® Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) employ low-frequency (1MHz), long-wavelength (300m) signals. These signals have outstanding propagation characteristics in complicated industrial […]

Q-Track CTO Presents at Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference

Q-Track CTO, Dr. Hans G. Schantz is presenting a paper on “A simple procedure for measuring gain of very electrically small antennas” at the 2014 Loughborough Antenna and Propagation Conference. Gain measurements of very electrically small antennas (VESAs) present special challenges. These antennas radiate with poor efficiency, and great care is needed to make a suitable gain measurement using radiative techniques. This paper presents a novel gain measurement technique based upon the observation that the […]

Q-Track CEO, Steve Werner, in the News

The Huntsville Times turned to Q-Track CEO Steve Werner for his perspective on protesting an unfavorable government contract award decision. “You have to realize that protests are the exception to the rule. It’s not the way business is normally done,” said Stephen Werner, president and CEO of Q-Track, a small Huntsville-based provider of indoor tracking technology for troops involved in urban warfare. … Werner advises firms to keep a cool-head and not be swayed by emotions […]

Do Radio Waves Bounce Off Each Other?

(Huntsville, Alabama) July 11, 2014 – The answer is “yes,” according to Q-Track Corporation CTO, Hans G. Schantz, who presents his results in a paper appearing in the July-August issue of the online journal FERMAT (e-fermat.org). Schantz’s surprising result follows from an examination of how radio waves interact and exchange energy. His discovery could enable more precise indoor location systems. Superposition and Electromagnetic Energy Radio waves, like all electromagnetic waves, propagate at the speed of […]

Q-Track Engineer Participates in ARRL Field Day

For many at Q-Track, radio is a passion, not just a profession. This past weekend, Q-Track Engineer, Mark Brown [N4BCD], participated in the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) “Field Day.” The weekend-long exercise tests the ability of amateur radio operators to maintain communications in the event of an emergency like the tornadoes that struck Northern Alabama in 2011. Mark was featured in the footage from WHNT Channel 19: The full article is available at: http://whnt.com/2014/06/28/arrl-field-day-amateur-radio-operators-practice-communicating-without-power/